And now you’re a bit curious about who is the mighty one riding dragons behind the scenes claiming to be a windows 10 developer.

Who are you?

It’s just a simple man, no dragons ha-ha. I am a simple dude in the beginning of his journey. In this post you’ll find some simple facts about me, this blog, and the purpose behind it.

You can call me Julien, the English equivalent of my Romanian name. This is more convenient since people from other countries usually misspell my native name making my ears crack.

I am close to finishing my studies in Business Administration at the Bucharest University for Economic Studies. In the evenings I enjoy staring happily at my screen playing Dota 2, while doing crazy little experiments in other areas of my life like nutrition and fitness.

So, what is this all about?

The idea of building this blog came as a mean to share my learning experience of developing apps for UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

The Reason is I get to learn a lot by creating content which adds value to your life. By content I mean C# and XAML programming tips and “how-to” articles on UWP development. This is a great win-win situation

How did you get here?

I have to say it, this is not the classic geek story ha-ha.

My dream was to be able to work remotely and slow travel from country to country, just like a dizzy bird does in a sunny day. Hey, perhaps it’s the explorer instinct.

Also I found great fascination in understanding how things work, and probably this is a result of my desire to thrive from a childhood spent in scarcity and a negative environment.

So, I developed a keen interest in business, economics, and investing. I saw these as ways to accumulate resources to live my fancy dream and do great things. But with not match capital at disposal for a conventional startup, the concept of 100$ startup came to me as a great solution.

Ironically, this concept comes from a book which I didn’t even read. Shame on me.

OK, what about programming?

After testing a dozen different areas like real estate and web design, I found myself searching for how to develop mobile apps for my phone. It was the best low-cost startup niche that matched my curiosity and skills. 2 months later, I was able to tell my mom I am a Windows 10 developer without having to lie.

Back in high school I was good at programming, but I couldn’t find any connection between the real world and some weird characters on a screen. It was all just playing with numbers. While I was good at it, I didn’t see myself doing this in the future. It seemed very boring and uninteresting.

Programming doesn’t have to be like that. When you want to solve a real-world problem and you can do that through 1 and 0 magic, that’s when it becomes very interesting.

So, I followed 2 online courses made by Bob Tabor on Microsoft Virtual Academy. Then I started working on my first project, a simple app named Quoty, which helps readers organize their favorite quotes.

Why become a Windows 10 developer?

I started loving Windows when I had my first Windows phone. It was simple, affordable, easy to use and unpopular. It had a special feel and I became a fan of it, while not being distracted by apps that were on Android and iOS, but not on Windows.

And with the latest innovation Microsoft did with the launch of Windows 10 and its premium devices, Universal Platform is a great opportunity for new developers.

Finally, I hope you’ll find helpful resources on my blog. If you have any suggestions, hit me up at feedback@julienshepherd.com.

Thank you for your time.